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Below are a few things our satisfied clients are saying...

“... WIn today's internet savy marketplace, a business has to have an online presence and as a business owner it is a challenge enough to manage staff, payroll, and day to day operations. I personally tried two other companies to launch a website for me both came with big promises and neither delivered even a fraction of what they claimed. So a business associate that I know gave me A Fresh Approach Media's contact information, I was instantly imppressed with how carol guided me through everything and was open to discussion about my ideas. In the past the other two companies were very closed minded and the end product was a website that I wasn't proud of and that was not being utilized in the marketplace. Now I have a great website I got three new people the first week and even though it was alot of work, I got to give carol credit for her patience in working with me to produce a product that I am truelyy proud of. ...”  
Dr. Robert Savage
Savage Family Chiropractic
Orlando, FL


“... We have worked with Carol D'Andrea of A Fresh Approach Media  for the past three years as both suppliers and clients. Knowing the quality of work she has done for others, we hired her to create a new website for our company. Quite simply,  Carol took our tired old website from the dark ages into the 21st century. We couldn't be happier with the results! ...”  
Jerry Misner & Stan Wald
Eyefull Video Productions
Tucson, AZ


“... When I decided to make a website, I went on the Internet to research website designers. Not much information but lots of companies. How does one choose the right company to design a website? After talking to several companies and reviewing their proposals, I decided to go with my gut feeling. Thank God I did because I chose A Fresh Approach Media. I didn't choose them on price because they weren't the cheapest nor were they the most expensive. After speaking with Carol, she seemed more sincere. She proved me right. It was a pleasure working with Carol and her staff. It actually turned out to be an exciting experience for me. Carol is honest, creative and respectful of your needs. She is not a "yes" person, she will let you know if what you want won't work. I've been told by many, that hiring a company to create a website is a challenging experience, I'm glad it wasn't like that with A Fresh Approach Media. ...”  
Sal Romeo
Hairspray Plus
Tucson, AZ


“... You have no idea how much I value YOU, not only YOUR OPINION, but all your marketing ideas, I tell EVERYONE your website changed / turned my business around for the better! You have no idea how many new patients I have gotten. I NEVER would have done it without you. I never would have put the time or money into having someone else do a website for me. I am so glad I listened to you and because I trusted you, I went for it. The fact that you always work with me and give me fair prices, it means so much to me. Overall your services were THE BEST thing I ever did for my business!! And It's only going to get better from here.... bigger and better! ...”  
Dr. Cariann Perretta
Lighthouse Wellness Center
East Meadow, NY


“... A Fresh Approach Media and their talented designers has had an astounding impact on the growth of our two-year-old motorcycle clothing and accessories business... A Fresh Approach Media provides custom, artistic and impact-looking websites at affordable prices. They listen, they're fast and they won't stop until they get it right... Go with a company that will take the time to get to know your company and create something that sells. The graphics, photography and copy all need to work together to tell your story...”  
Allan Hammerel
Renegade Classics Tucson
Tucson, AZ


“...WOW! We LOVE it! I am VERY impressed!  The drop down menu is a nice touch.  It doesn't clutter like some that I have seen.  Great job!!  What else do you need from us to continue?.. The changes look really awesome.  It is such a clean professional look, and that is exactly what we are looking for!!...”
Bob, Owner
Renegade Classics Gulf Breeze
Gulf Breeze, FL


“...it has been such a great experience working with Fresh Approach Media.  As a non-profit our needs have been diverse and Fresh Approach has met the challenge with creativity and affordability...”
Barbara Hunt
Green Valley Assistance Services
Green Valley, AZ


“...It has been such a privilege to work with Fresh Approach Media. Doing business with them has been one of the smartest choices I've made, not only are they professional, affordable but they made me feel like I was their only client ...”
Lorena Gonzales
Piel Skin Solutions
Tucson, AZ

Being a Motorcycle Rider myself, below are a few motorcycle-friendly links I think are "cool"... DEFINITELY motorcycle-, or as I like to call it myself, "biker"-friendly "peeps"!!




A Fresh Approach Media, LLC has been in business since 2006 and is locally-owned and operated. We have numerous clients in Tucson and other states such as California, New York, Georgia, Florida, New Mexico and Texas to name a few.

We cater to all types of businesses and individuals. In these struggling times, businesses must find new and adventurous ways of advertising, the way to do that is through the internet with eye-catching, professional websites. That is why we are very passionate about what we do, and therefore, it shows in the quality of our work. Visit our portfolio section and take a look at some of the work we have created.

So, Are you tired of hearing "I'm too busy to get that done"? Is your current web designer "unreliable" and can't get the job done in the timeframe you are looking for? Do you want a web designer that makes promises they actually keep? Do you want someone who is dependable, reliable and cares about your business? A Fresh Approach Media is here to help. Our specialty IS in customer service. We take care of the clients' needs in creating and maintaining their vision, goals and presence. We work with you personally. To us, it's the service and satisfaction that clients receive which makes all the difference. We understand the dynamics of running a business, that’s why we can make your website one less worry for you!

About the Owner - Carol D'Andrea

Carol D'Andrea

My knowledge of computers started straight out of high school when I started working and started teaching myself DOS-based programs. I always say, "there is no better way to learn than hands on training".

Moving to Tucson just about 15 years ago from a big city like New York, I already had the experience of working in a fast-paced environment and already had the knowledge of many computer graphics programs.

The one I was more proficient in using to creating graphics was Macromedia Fireworks. Then I heard people raving about Photoshop so I decide to get hands-on with it and teach myself how to use it.

My web design experience started about two years after I came to Tucson and began working in sales and advertising for a local radio station. Towards the end of my time there I started "dabbling" in HTML since their website was strictly HTML driven. After that I went to work for another radio station and moved on to learning Frontpage, which I completely "revamped" one of the stations websites with. I then "revamped" that stations website again a couple of years later in Dreamweaver and have been using it ever since!

I enjoy working on projects that utilize my design and website skills!! I also enjoy talking to my clients both professionally and personally.

In my spare time, I love spending time with my kiddo and husband, riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle, collecting Barbies, and playing video games on the XBox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii. I especially enjoy playing anything "Lego" related like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter to name a few.


A Fresh Approach Media, LLC offers a number of website services to help your business grow on the internet. By utilizing our services, it gives you the time to focus on your sales and services.

We offer:

1. Professional Edits - Your website maintains its quality
2. Fast Turnaround - Most requests are completed within 12 - 72 hours
3. Web Expertise - Have a web expert at your fingertips whenever you need one
4. Economical and Convenient - Our prices are competitive and reasonable
5. Cost Effective - Fresh websites make more money
6. Professional Quality - Our websites are professional looking and we have an eye for design

Learn more about our services by clicking on the links below.



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